Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Things Happening!

We have too many good things happening at First B to be quiet…
…Staff and Council Leadership: The new Council is learning each other and their roles and finding ways to involve staff in guiding this grand church to the next levels of service to God. When was the last time you were in a board meeting and someone said, “Is the Spirit in this? This specific matter needs prayer, let’s pray for it now.”? That’ll send chills up and down any seasoned church veteran’s spine.
…Prayer Ministry: Our intercessory teams are second to none. We experience the power of prayer in many ways as we move throughout our community and that’s because they have gone before us and asking God to show His power and might in the situation. The lasting reminders are the changed lives we visit every day.
Are we telling anyone about these? Be sure you do, let’s everyone get excited about the good people and happenings at First B!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

19 Years and Still Counting

Nineteen years ago today on a beautiful South Day, Marie and I were married. What a grand day it was!

What's grander, though? These past years of loving her, being her husband, raising our daughter and enjoying our lives together. All this couldn't be possible without some strong ideas constantly running through our marriage. Let me enumerate them:
1. Divorce was never to be an option. We are committed to living and working out our lives together.
2. The recognition that our behavior as married couples will be looked up to as a result of our high profiles within our church.
3. The axiom, "High Flexibility and Low Expectations." We don't judge each other by our expectations and remain highly flexible in our life as a couple.
4. We trust in Jesus for the strength, patience and comfort needed for points 1 through 3.

I love Marie and now this portion of the world knows it to!