Monday, March 12, 2012

Abstinence from Hyperbole (Caution: Conservative Spoiler Ahead)

Rush Limbaugh gets more mileage out of hyperbole than any other person I know and I watch a lot of TV preachers. Remember the Donovan McNabb riff that cost Rush the Monday Night Football gig? Or equating Obama with Hitler? Or suggesting that feminism was designed by and for unattractive women?Or comparing Hillary Clinton to a "screeching ex-wife"?  

A 30-year old Georgetown Univ. (GU) law student, Sandra Fluke, testified in front of a Democratic Congressional hearing on women's health. As a member of the GU's Law Students Reproductive Justice group, Ms. Fluke testified to the need for Congress to write into law that all organizations, including religious organizations such as GU, be required to provide contraceptive care insurance. In her testimony (reprinted here, she related several stories of women whose health issues required contraceptive care, yet were denied coverage or sensed humiliation when requesting coverage. Though her comments only obliquely referred to needing the insurance coverage for birth control, Ms. Fluke's testimony garnered much interest.

At the Golden Microphone, Mr. Limbaugh unfavorably described her with several street language terms which were clearly out of bounds. An attempt at an over-the-air apology was poorly received also. (In the interest of maintaining decency, I won't link his comments.) Mr. Limbaugh was soon on the losing end of advertiser walk-aways, feeling the hot poker end of political rhetoric and, probably, sleeping on the sofa at home. (For those of you with that picture now in your mind, I apologize.)

So, I think it comes to this: abstinence. 

Ms. Fluke...if you have a health issue your insurance should cover it (even though Ortho-Cyclen can be had for about $9/month in DC). If you are wanting birth control and "freedom" from sexual activity, try abstinence. No cost and biblically prescribed.

Mr. Limbaugh...Others have suggested in years past that you put a condom on that Golden Microphone to keep from despoiling us. Spare that expense and think first. Perhaps that aspirin you suggested Ms. Fluke keep between her knees would serve you between your lips before you speak.  Again, Rush, try abstinence. No cost and biblically prescribed (Ephesians 4:31).

Abstinence isn't only safer, it's also the highest respect you can show a partner or fellow citizen. Try it. Our public discourse deserves and requires it.

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