Friday, July 28, 2006

Mission-minded or Missional?

Is there a real, definable distinction as it applies to the mindset of the church today? I say, yes.

Take a moment and define each in your own words while I wait...

Okay, time's up. (Take time to make comment to me with your thoughts, if you wish.)

My interpretations:
Mission-minded: interested in missions, send money to missionaries and agencies, take "field trips" to learn about missions, talking and praying about missions as a priority in the service of Christ, a small percentage (and usually the same individuals) are involved in active mission work. In essence, the major emphasis is on funneling money through a budget (and that portion continues to decline) and a few special offerings.

Missional: a church that is at the work of reaching people for Christ and making disciples, actively involved in mission work, partnering with missionaries and agencies through work trips, dedicated prayer and support teams for the missionaries and agencies, significant numbers (more than the majority) involved in a mission based on their call to service as a priority in the service of Christ, a well-defined and growing budget that seeks to provide funds that will make the most significant impact and individuals clamoring to do more.

In one word each:
Mission-minded: Contemplation
Missional: Action
Which one changes the world?

And so the struggle. What are we at FBC?
But the bigger question, what am I?


Blogger Bernie Schock said...

I especially like your last question. It is easy to be critical of what our church fails to do. But ultimately, the church is composed of individuals. I must be what I want my church to become.

Bernie Schock

9:35 PM  

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