Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saul Stunned...Ananais Answered

You know the story in Acts 9...
Saul's been going out of his way to persecute Christians. After receiving permission to continue his mission against the Way in Damascus, he was confronted by Christ, struck blind and ordered to a house on Straight Street in Damascus. We learn from the text that he was there three days.
Within that time, when exactly we do not know, the Lord called for Ananais and he responded, "Yes, Lord." Worth noting here is that Ananais immediately recognized the Lord's voice and made himself available. The Lord told him to go to Straight Street, find this Saul from Tarsus and restore his sight. (The Lord had already prepared Saul for this by telling him a man named Ananais would come and restore his sight.)
Ananais wasn't sure this was in his life plan. We talk often about his shock at being told to visit Saul. I like the "But haven't you heard" incredulity in his response. Though scripture doesn't record it, do you think he may have debated it a bit? After all, Saul was there for three days! Did Ananais take a day or so to visit his intercessors group, call his pastor for a bite of hummus and pita chips, or see a lawyer to get his will in shape? Without corroboration from the text we can only assume he heard, "Go!" and he went. And, by going, he received the blessing of helping Christ restore Saul to a right relationship with God and be instrumental in moving the Word to the world.
Ananais recognized, responded and received. Am I missing a blessing because I don't know what the Lord's voice sounds like enough to affirmatively answer immediately? Or, am I hearing the call and telling him why it can't work thus missing the blessing of his plan for my life? Which leader of the next generation has God prepared yet is not seeing today because I haven't responded? I pray the SOAP Journaling taught by Wayne Cordeiro in his book, The Divine Mentor, will help me recognize, respond and receive all Jesus has for me in this life.

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